Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ravioli Head

I was feeling lazy today and gave Tori a Gerber toddler meal instead of making something for her. I had never bought ravioli before, but it looked easy enough for her to eat, so we gave it a try.

What on earth was I thinking???? Really?

I scrubbed her down in the bathtub, but she still has orange-stained eyebrows. :)


Chocolateer said...

One of the best bits of advice given to me when I was expecting was....when you walk into the room to find a humongous mess (flour everywhere, the plant upturned, etc), grab a camera a snap a picture first. Not only will it keep you sane at the time, but you'll laugh later. Really you will. ;)

Jennifer said...

That is such good advice!!! It wasn't very fun to clean up, but you're right - I will cherish the pictures :)