Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Could my little girl REALLY be turning 10?

And another very important question, could I possibly be old enough to have a 10 year old? The years sure have flown by at lightning speed.

It seems like just yesterday that she was just as small as Tori is now. And now she's asking for her own email address and becoming quite the young lady.

Ten years ago today, I was a young 22 years old, excited and nervous to have my first baby. She came quick (2 hours at the hospital is pretty good for a first baby!). We never would have thought that 10 yrs later, we would have 5 kids!

Ellie has been a joy as a daughter and it has been fun to watch her grown and change.

I feel like we're entering a new era now. She is all of the sudden so grown up. I am excited to see the young lady that she becomes in the next few years.