Saturday, July 18, 2009

Treasures in Our Yard

I did manage to kick the kids outside for a while yesterday.

I don't know why they fight me on this so much. They just don't seem that interested in hanging out in the backyard. They are more than happy to ride their bikes - because that involves me keeping an eye on them in the driveway, but as for the backyard - it's boring.

I wish they would all remember that our last house had a postage stamp yard and the one before that was an apartment. Then maybe they would appreciate it a bit more.

Anyway, they ventured out into the back corner of our lot, which is overgrown and outside of our fence. They came back from their travels with some treasures!!

First, they brought me an entire bowl full of raspberries. They were very tart, but still good.

They also brought me this beautiful flower. I'm not sure what it is, but it's gorgeous!

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Christina said...

I'm going through this with Wiliam. He wants to play Wii, watch movies, draw, read books, ANYTHING but go outside. When I tell him he has no choice (it's summer for crying out loud!) he asks if he can go inside one of our neighbor's apartments.