Saturday, July 18, 2009

10 Day Countdown

We are starting school in 10 days.

I am officially starting to panic

. I have a lot of prep work to get done this week and Ellie (my helper) is going to be at camp. I have most of the lessons entered into Homeschool Tracker. All except for the one I am dreading - History. This one is the most important for me to have completed, since I am not following any one curriculum this year. I simply HAVE to get it all laid out so that I can just print out the assignments. And that is going to be time consuming. I wish I could send them ALL to camp this week. :)

As much as I am freaked out about it coming so soon, I am totally ready to get back on a schedule and get back to work.

I enjoy lazy summer days, but the staying up late and sleeping in is driving me nuts.

Also, I have been surprised at how bored the kids claim to be! No one wants to spend the day outside in the yard. They are constantly asking for things to do. What is wrong with my children? Maybe it's because they have been off of school for over 2 months now and are just ready to get back at it.

Here is most of what I have gotten in the mail so far. More packages are still arriving daily. I told you that the mailman probably hates me...

Yes, we're studying Russian this year!! I am SO excited about this!!

And what school year is complete without Dover Coloring Books? No matter what we're studying, Kate wants something to color. She especially likes the fashion ones.

Look at all of these great books!! The only problem is that there is not a single inch of empty space on the shelves. Where is it all going to go??? I haven't figured that out yet. I might just have to pack away some books that I know we won't use in the next 10 months before we move.


Christina said...

You make me so excited about school! But not enough to run all of my kids education. I just don't know how you DO it!

Andrea said...

WOW! That is a lot of books, that I know you will use :)