Sunday, August 2, 2009

Honey Do, Where are you??

I can tell that we're nearing the end of the deployment, because the honey-do list is getting extremely long.

I love owning our own house. It's nice to have a big yard and more privacy than the townhouses on post, but owning a house without my handyman around has been hard. When things go wrong, I'm the one that has to fix them (or leave them for Andy to fix!)

I don't want to bombard him with it at soon as he gets back, but there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done!

1. I have trees growing in my gutters. Seriously. I'm guessing that this means that they need to be cleaned (the gutters, not the trees). I have a two story house though and I'm not getting on a ladder. I guess I should be glad that we haven't had much rain...
(and yes, those are Christmas lights still hanging in July - we do live in North Pole after all!)

2. The garbage disposal is dead. One of the kids got some little rocks stuck down in it and it isn't working. At all. I tried to clean them out the best I could (Yes, I unplugged it first!) but I think we need a new one. I am NOT going to disconnect any pipes under my sink for fear of never getting them back together. If only my brother (who is a plumber) lived somewhere nearby...

3. Doors are coming off left and right. The screen door is off track, one of the closet doors is off track, and one the hinges of Kate's door have come off (yes, she was hanging on the knob - the world is Kate's gym). I can fix her door (but need to go buy the right screws). The other two I'm leaving for Andy.

4. The sides of the yard have turned into a jungle. I mow, but I don't weedeat and it's getting ugly out there.

5. The kids can't watch movies. We have gone weeks now without being able to watch anything. There is sound when they play on the Wii. There is sound for the actual TV (which we never watch). If you put a DVD in though, it is silent. I have searched through the menus on the DVD player to no avail. I'm sure that it's something really simple and I'm just missing it. I have given up though. I'm sure that he will come home, push one silly button and it will be all up and running again. I am fully aware of that.

6. Floors. The carpets and the tiles in the laundry room are going to need to be replaced before we sell the house. I suppose we'll wait for that until after our stuff is out of the house though...

7. There are many more little things that need to be done around the house, but I will spare you the boring details. :) After talking with Andy this week, I think I'm going to spare him the gutter cleaning and call someone on Monday. It can't be that expensive to have your gutters cleaned, can it??


Christina said...

You could pay a plumber for the new disposal too. We had to have one replaced in PG and though I don't remember the cost, I remember being pleasantly surprised cause I had braced for much more.

Tina said...

I'm so glad your hubby will be home soon, Jennifer. :) That's funny seeing the trees growing in your gutter :P I agree that living off base is much nicer than on.