Friday, July 31, 2009

Choking on Smoke

Our weather forecast said "smoke". Sounds strange, but it's true.

There are dozens of wildfires raging around Alaska right now and a couple of them are close enough to be sending a lot of smoke in our direction. One of the closer ones is over 340,000 acres. Isn't that huge??

We're not in any danger of the actual fire where we are, but the smoke has been horrible. They have canceled all outdoor sporting events and the air is considered "very unhealthy". So, the kids have been cooped up in the house - with me!

I look forward to the summer, so that I can kick them outside to get some fresh air.

The temperatures have been warm, but we've had to keep the windows shut. Without AC, the house is almost unbearable.

To top it off, my ceiling fan died on me 2 days ago. I have had it on nonstop for a month, so maybe it just couldn't take it anymore. Then yesterday, my floor fan died too. So, we went out to buy a new (and better) fan today. The ceiling fan will have to wait for Andy to take a look at it...

I'm hoping for some rain so that we can get these fires out and get back outside before it snows!! :)


Christina said...

So, tell me, what's GOOD about living in Alaska?

Jennifer said...

Leaving :) Just kidding - kind of.

Some people absolutely LOVE it. If you are very outdoorsy in a hunter/fisher/dog musher sort of a way, then you're going to love it.

Truthfully though, the winters are long, cold, and dark. The summers are short, light, and smoky. And we're a zillion miles away from family (and Target!). :

Michelle said...

Ever since I've been here in KS everyone says"Oh, Alaska is pretty!" and I say"Did you EVER actually LIVE there?"
LOL!! sometimes they don't get it!
to me KS is PRETTY! GREEN, hardly any mosquitos(and the ones that are here are TINY), LOTS of shopping opportunities and of course TARGET.
Miss you Jen