Thursday, July 30, 2009

Social Studies this year

I can't leave anything alone. I don't know why, but it's true.

This year for Social Studies, we're studying history from the Fall of Rome through Elizabethan England. I'm so excited for the fun projects and great books we're going to read!

I haven't chosen any one curriculum, but am using books, projects, and ideas from Tapestry of Grace and also am using the CDs from Story of the World and Mystery of History. Here are our weekly topics:

1. Fall of Rome, Barbarians, Byzantine Empire
2. Monks, Monasteries, and Missionaries
3. Islam & the Arab World, 1001 Arabian Nights
4. Medieval Europe: Charles Martel, Charlesmagne, Holy Roman Empire, Frederick II
5. King Arthur, Knights
6. First Kings of England, Feudalism
7. Vikings
8. Crusades
9. King John Magna Charta, Robin Hood
10. Daily Life in the Middle Ages
11. Daily Life in the Middle Ages continued/ a couple of days on Jewish history
12. Mongols, Khans, and Marco Polo
13. Medieval China
14. Macbeth, Scotland, William Wallace, Robert the Bruce
15. 100 Yrs War, Black Death, Joan of Arc, War of the Roses
16. African Kingdoms: Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mali, Songhay
17. Medieval India
18. Medieval Japan
19. Ottoman and Persian Empires
20. Russians
21. Australia and New Zealand
22. Ideas & Inventions: Dante, Gutenberg, Erasmus, Machiavelli
23. Medieval & Renaissance Science
24. Renaissance Art
25. Renaissance Art continued
26. The Reformation
27. Reformation in England, Henry VIII, Tudors
28. Reformation/Counter-Reformation
29. Spain, Portugal, & Early Exploration
30. Exploration
31. Exploration continued
32. Spanish Domination in the New World - Aztecs, Maya, Incas, Conquistadors
33. Elizabethan England & Scottish Reformation
34. Elizabethan England, Sir Francis Drake, Spanish Armada
35. Shakespeare
36. Catch up & Celebration :)

Now if I can only get things set and ready for Monday morning...

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Good luck getting everything ready for Monday!!