Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Those Sneaky Socks

After the laundry post last week, I knew that I would eventually have to tackle the sock basket. That was very evident today. No one had socks in their drawers.

I buckled down and did it. It wasn't fun. Andy's socks were in there. They must have been from his visit in January right? There is no way those have been sitting in there since September - at least I hope not!!

Anyway, I matched them all up and what did I have left? 28 lonely socks and 8 single mittens!! Can you believe that? Where could they be? I guess I need to start searching through everyone's sock drawers to see if their partners might be hiding in there. If not, then I will just save myself some grief and finally throw them out. :)

1 comment:

Family G said...

Do you think it's possible that some of the single socks and mittens came on vacation to Virginia? Because I have some lonely mates here, too. ;)