Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making Cards Made Easy

I love the thought of making my own cards. Notice I said the thought.

I like to look at blogs like sow.sprout.bloom and Butter Beanz and see what beautiful, creative things these women can do in their free time. The recipients of those cards are very lucky indeed. It would make anyone feel loved and special to get one in the mail.

The reality though is that I don't have time to make my own cards. I actually don't even have the time to lick stamps. Or address envelopes. Or walk the 30 feet to the mail box to send a card. I might be exaggerating slightly, but not by much.

I have felt awful in the past. Birthdays or special occasions have passed and I didn't send a card. I promise that it's not because I don't care! It's because I spend my days cleaning peanut butter off the floor and washing dirty diapers and educating my children and the list goes on and on. Cards have been on the bottom of the list.

I recently found a website that can help me move my card-sending up the list a couple of notches. It's made for people just like me!! It's called Cardstore and I absolutely adore it.

I can choose from tons of different templates, but I can be semi-creative and add my own pictures and messages. They looks so professional and beautiful and the best part is that all I have to do is push send and then the card is addressed and stamped and sent for me.

I have found the solution to my yearly question: "What do I send for Christmas cards?" I am always torn between writing out a great newsletter and sending regular cards. I always want to enclose pictures, but I never do. I now know EXACTLY what I'm doing next year. I am choosing a card that has templates for pictures on the front AND I'm writing a newsletter on the inside of the card.

I love finding things that make my life a little bit easier...

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Tina said...

You're too sweet, Jennifer! Email me your addy, I'd so love to send you one! quinatas@hotmail.com