Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Supercharged Science!

Yesterday, Ellie attended an all-day science workshop called Supercharged Science. She came home excited about science!!

She wanted to know more about electronics and insisted I order more "pieces" that she can work with. Here is a clip of her putting some of her stuff together. They built a mini "robot" which moved by the vibrations of a propeller. What fun!

She is also interested in learning more about astronomy - which we studied earlier this year. I didn't delve too far into supernovas and other galaxies though and that is what she would like to find out about.

I am glad that she was exposed to some subjects which we have yet to cover and that she had the opportunity to do some great experiments.

I am considering buying some of the science programs they offer for next school year. Here is a video about their Science Mastery Program which includes DVDs. I like the fact that *I* don't have to be the one doing the experiments. It is stuff that Ellie can work on by herself.

She came home from the workshop with a CD containing more experiments to do on her own. At the very least, I am going to have her work on some of those :)

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