Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Tori's tongue

We went and saw the doctor today. Apparently Tori is now considered too old to just "clip" it with scissors in the office. They are afraid that she would wiggle around too much.

So, now surgery has been scheduled for March 5th. This frightens me. I know that it's nothing major, but she's only 9 months old and the thought of putting her under general anesthesia scares me silly. Part of me wants to just back out of it and deal with the possible problems later.

I really think that later in life, she would be thankful that we corrected this while she was young though - before it caused her any problems.

Is there anyone else out there that has had this done??


Christina said...

No, we haven't dealt with that but like I said in my last comment, Morgan had surgery to put tubes in her ears at about 18 months. Mark was the one with her that first time since I had something at work. That was the hardest part, I think. I was there for the second set of tubes last April and at age 2 1/2 she woke up SURLY from anesthesia: yelling, hitting, throwing the stickers back at the nurse. I know it is scary to imagine Tori having to be anesthetized but you're right; she'll prob be happier for it in the long run. You'll be the most traumatized having had to witness her waking up.

Family G said...

My children didn't have problems with their tongues but they both had surgeries before. Sophia had her first when she was two years old, she had her adenoids removed and fluid drained from her ears. And yes, this too is a routine procedure. But just like you, the thought of general anesthesia scared me to death. So many things could go wrong. But the surgery went well and afterwards I was sooooooo immensly glad we got it done. Sophia was a totally changed child, a lot more active and involved, speaking a lot more, too. And I think, getting the procedure done with Tori will be the right thing to do. Otherwise her speech might not develop right and speech is soooo important. I understand your fears, I've been there a few times (Sophia had her tonsils removed when she was six and Nicolas had surgery when he was six). But I think you will do Tori a big favor by enabling her to communicate without any problems.