Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another wasted day...

Saturday was another day wasted.

We did some science. We're talking about earthquakes right now.

But then I noticed that there wasn't any cold water coming out of our kitchen faucet. The hot water works fine, but when you turn the cold on - Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Not even a drop.

So, I spent a couple of hours on my dirty kitchen floor blow drying my kitchen pipes. Not how I imagined my day. It didn't help any either. They are frozen and the hair dryer isn't cutting it. I will be calling a plumber tomorrow.

Did I mention that while I was spending all of this time looking at pipes to try to figure out which one was which (there are zillions of unidentifiable pipes in the garage) and while I was blow drying them, the kids were eating massive quantities of crackers in the living room? (Because they were hungry and I was too busy to cook something). Crumbs everywhere - in, on, under, behind the couches.

All of that would be simple to clean up - if my vacuum cleaner was working properly. Which it isn't. No suction.

So now we have a crumby house, no cold water in the kitchen, no food in the cupboards since it's too cold to go shopping and I'm ready to move somewhere warm or at least not cold :)

I might be in sunny Florida by the time Andy shows up...

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