Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cabin Fever!!!!!!!

I know that I haven't been posting much about schoolwork. To be honest with you, it hasn't been all that awe-inspiring or exciting in the past few weeks. The kids are rushing through their basics (math, grammar, handwriting, etc) and we've been struggling to get more than that done.

We've been trudging through our pitch-black days in a state of drowsiness. Our internal clocks are way off and I can't seem to reset them. I have an overwhelming urge to stock the cabinets (and my belly) and just hibernate through the rest of winter. Wake me when Spring has arrived. When the snow has finally melted and there is green grass in my yard. When the birds are chirping and the light of day has decided to grace us with its presence again.

I know, everyone is sick of the weather-related posts. I apologize. I should just get over it and move on with normal life. I wish I could. We've had a couple of weeks of excruciatingly cold weather. I woke up to a balmy negative 52 degrees today and it could get to negative 60 tonight. The forecast for the whole next week doesn't get above -35. It's depressing. My body is longing for a breath of fresh air and some daylight. The only outside air I breathe in is at the store parking lot and it's nothing but fumes from everyone's running cars.

We've gone weeks without having anywhere to go. No outside activities and no events. A break is good and it's nice to not have those obligations for a while, but without Andy here, I'm alone in this house with 5 kids day after day. It's hard to stay sane.

We're still waiting for him to arrive home for leave. Then we will be doing our Christmas festivities. (We still haven't opened presents yet). Maybe that adds to our sense of melancholy right now. We're not together as a family and we haven't celebrated Christmas with all of our normal traditions. The gingerbread house and present-opening are on hold until Andy gets here and that feels strange.

When he gets here, it will be 2 weeks of happiness. I will have help and we can easily get to the store. We will open presents and play games and go bowling and just have fun as a family. I won't care about sitting at home and not doing anything, because I will have someone to do nothing with :) Hurry home Andy!!!!

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Beth said...

Well, I'm not tired of you cold weather posts yet. I'm learning from you what I will be in for next winter. I don't think I'm ready!

I'm glad you got your pipes working w/o having to call a plumber. You're a genius!