Sunday, January 4, 2009

Better Days Ahead

Today shaped up to be a better day than yesterday.

Before going to bed last night, I cranked up the heat (over 80!) and left the cupboards under the kitchen sink open and the cold water faucet on (with nothing flowing out of it). I awoke at 3 in the morning to the sound of water blasting out of the faucet. It worked! The pipes are thawed and I don't have to spend the money on a plumber - hooray!

Instead, I went to the store and spent the money on groceries and a brand new vacuum cleaner.

What a trip that was! It was still negative 40 out, but there doesn't seem to be any warmer weather in the near future and we were going to starve if I kept putting it off. I bundled them up and headed out. My was I cold trying to get a cartful of groceries and a vacuum into the truck. I couldn't move fast enough. At least I had left the truck running, so it wasn't completely freezing for the kids when we were done shopping. The worst thing wasn't the cold though. The ice fog was so thick that I could barely see a car length ahead of me - and it was already dark out. I'm happy to be safe and warm at home again.

So, what is it about a new vacuum that can make you feel like a domestic goddess?? I swear that it works 10 times better than our old one ever did. I spent a good hour and half vacuuming the entire house - under furniture, in furniture - and I enjoyed it :) I got the "All Terrain" model. I'm not making that up. It's an all-terrain vacuum cleaner, whatever that means. I have a strange visual of my vacuum cleaner 4X4ing in some far-off place. It sure works though and that's all that matters in my book. The kids think it's cool because it has a button that puts the cord away instead of having to wrap it around the outside. It's the little things in life...

So, we now have clean floors, cold water running out of the tap, food in the cabinets and fridge, and I have a better outlook on life in general. Andy isn't here yet, so we will be continuing with schoolwork tomorrow and every day after that until he arrives. I don't want to get too far behind by taking 2 weeks off while he's here.

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Christina said...

I'm so happy for you and your full cupboards and new vacuum! I know that Andy getting home is the big prize but the 'little' prizes you have at the moment are valuable for your sanity!