Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nick, the Graffiti Artist

Close-up of Graffiti
Close-up of Graffiti

Apparently we have gotten to the stage where Nick feels the need to write on anything and everything.

We have a plethora of pens, pencils, markers, and crayons around the house. They are all fair game to him. He is doodling on everything, leaving his mark wherever he sees fit. He has drawn on the walls, floors, table, and even (gasp!) the ottoman that Andy so lovingly covered himself (and expensively I might add). We have scrubbed and scrubbed and used the white magic sponge thing and we still have pen marks on the ottoman (sorry honey!).

The girls have been warned to keep all writing utensils up high when not in use. I know that is not the solution though. He knows he isn't supposed to be writing on things. I know he knows. We will be butting heads soon if it doesn't cease.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

My two-year-old son makes having school really, really challenging. Yesterday I was so thrilled that he was occupying himself quietly, but when I looked down from the book I was reading aloud I saw that he had emptied the contents of three bookshelves--books were spread out all over the floor. This morning he decided to swing down from the window seat by hanging on the curtain! It seems all I'm doing is disciplining him.

If you have any tips, pass them along! :)