Monday, November 17, 2008

Heart of the Matter: What Makes Your Family Unique?

The Things That Make Our Family Unique. What experiences do you have that you can share with other mothers?
So tell us, what makes you unique? Have you gone through things that have been an encouragement to others? Are you dealing with special needs? Do you have a degree in horticulture? Have you adopted your children? What do you bring to this group…all of you bring something special.

1. We have lived in 5 different houses and we have had a baby in each place. Needless to say, my husband is afraid to move again :) We have lived in San Antonio and Copperas Cove, TX, Monterey and Seaside, CA, and North Pole, AK.

2. We are an Army family. My husband has been in the Army for going on 21 years (we have been married 10). It is always an adventure! He is currently deployed to Iraq.

3. I love to do genealogy. If left to my own devices, I could probably do this all day long. I love the research - whether it's searching through old census records or walking through an old cemetery, I love it all.

4. I played volleyball in college. YEARS ago obviously (and only community college) , but I used to love to play. Ellie has started playing in a summer program and I love that we can share that together.

5. My husband is the cook of the house. I sure miss his spaghetti, apple pies, omelets, and chili. I usually cook out of necessity, but he really enjoys it - and I enjoy him enjoying it :)

6. I used to be a Russian Linguist in the Air Force before becoming a full-time Mommy. I just wish I would have kept up with my language skills. Ellie of course chose French to learn this year, but we were not enjoying it and we will soon be starting Russian instead :) At least I can help her out that way!!

7. I am not an animal person. I have finally come to the realization that I like animals in theory. I just don't care for the hair, or the smell, or the cleaning up after them part. Unfortunately, I have a budding veterinarian in the house who is dying for a pet. I think I could deal with an outside dog - or a clean indoor cat :) We had a dog last year and it was just SO MUCH WORK to keep the hair off the floor, the yard cleaned up, and to keep him home (he liked to run free....). I decided that my hands were full enough with all 5 kids during the deployment and we found him a new loving home earlier this year. Maybe later when the kids are older and able to help out more, we will get a dog again.


Kathleen said...

First of all, thank you so much to your husband and to your whole family for your sacrifice! I'm so grateful to military families like yours!

My husband is the cook of the family too! Although he is not gone for extended periods like your dh is, he travels a lot for his job, so I too often miss his cooking!

And he and I both played V-ball in our "golden years" (ha!). We wanted to have our own v-ball team, so we had 4 children. :)

~~gail~~aka: mooselovingmamabear said...

Ditto w/ Kathleen regarding the sacrifice and hard times your family and other military families are going thru and have gone thru.

I'm the cook of the family, dh is the cleaner upper; I hate indoor water sports (ie, dishes, laundry, toilets..)

Ummm, youngest dd played and she was really, baseball, football, basketball, cheerleading, I could do, volleyball not so much.

Until again....

Bridget said...

found you through heart of the matter we have kids almost the same age. I homeschool and have 5 also. 9,7,3,1.3months. Looks like we have some stuff in common:)

Karin Katherine said...

your family is beautiful and I just wanted to say that I appreciate the sacrifice your family makes for our country. I have four children and am very interested in following your blog and learning more about Alaska. I just remember the "Alaskan Men Magazine" rage that was in the late 80's and women were convinced they should move to Alaska to meet a guy to marry!

What an adventure to travel and live in different places! I think its a great opportunity for your children. I wouldn't be able to handle the cold though.