Friday, November 21, 2008

Heart of the Matter: Giving Thanks - What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving is a week away! We want to know–what are you most thankful for?

And I, personally, would like to know–and am sneaking this in out of sheer nosiness– what’s your best Thanksgiving recipe? Will you share it or another great Fall meal idea? That would make *me* very thankful!

I am thankful for:

1. 5 sweet little children

2. my loving husband

3. a warm house during the cold winter

4. a 2-car heated garage (you'd be surprised how many people don't have that up here!)

5. homeschooling my children

6. a laundry room (we had our washer and dryer in our kitchen in our last house!)

7. a wonderful sister! - and my brothers too :)

8. my new brother-in-law :)

9. my treadmill

10. my webcam - so that we can keep in touch with Andy

11. all of the wonderful people we have met in all of the places we have lived

12. garbage service (we had to haul it to the transfer point until a couple of months ago...)

13. a wonderful childhood

14. my new ipod

15. my shelves full of books

16. chocolate :)

17. good health

18. money to go Christmas shopping with

19. a good night's rest

20. good times with family and friends

I wish that I could post some wonderful recipe that you could add to your Thanksgiving dinner, but you're asking the wrong person :) I will give you a funny story instead:

Our first Thanksgiving with a new baby (our 2nd one married), my husband invited a single soldier from work to eat with us. I of course had my hands full with our little baby (it seemed much harder the first time around!).

I decided to get an early start on the potatoes while she was sleeping, so I cut them all up and set them on the stove, ready to go. Later, I simply turned them on. What I forgot was that I hadn't added any water! It's kind of hard to boil potatoes without water. It didn't take long before the pot had cemented itself to the burner. I didn't think that was possible, but trust me - it is! We had to throw out the pot and replace the heating element. I'm sure our guest was impressed with my culinary skills....

I can cook much better than I did 10 years ago, but I still leave most of it to my wonderful husband who enjoys it more than I do :) Needless to say, with him gone this Thanksgiving, we have decided to do a ham instead of a turkey - so much easier!

Anyway, I guess my recipe would be to add water to your pot of potatoes :)


Kathleen said...

A heated garage...that would be awesome, though something that wouldn't be quite as appreciated in my state of GA as in AK! Loved your story...sounds very much like something I would do!

Amy said...

I just got a webcam recently. It is so nice to be able to *see* someone!

I love your potato story! Seems that stuff is 10 times more likely when you have guests! :)

Tonia said...

Great list!

I love your potato story - that stuff only ever happens to me when I invite people over. :0)

have a good weekend!