Thursday, November 20, 2008

Me as a Kid

Lexie drew this of me as a child :) I think I was pretty cute!


Andrea said...

Good job Lexie, it looks just like your mom when she was little :)

JADs Mama said...

LOL - yes, you were a very cute child!!! :) Isn't it neat when our children draw things like this?? I have such a hard time throwing anything that they make away - yet being military we can't possibly keep everything ... yea, right! I still have rubbermaid bins in storage full of pics that I need to sort out. lol

BTW, I noticed that it was -11 at 1:00 in the afternoon are so brave to be in that cold!!! Though, if I remember correctly doesn't Alaska have huge strawberries??? Yum! If we ever get stationed there I will have to look you up! :)