Friday, March 5, 2010

Bad Wake Up Call

Guess what I woke up to this morning? A phone call from my bank, asking if I had made certain purchases. I hadn't.

Some computer geek got a hold of my debit card info and spent $2000 out of my checking account! Most of it was to a bunch of online tech and design stuff. There was also a charge to an online dating service. Apparently he (or she) is lonely.

It's working it's way through my bank's fraud department now, so hopefully the money will be back in there next week.

A few minutes after that phone call, I got a call about a house showing. Today. We hadn't had a showing in over a week, so the place was getting a bit messy.

Do you think we got ANY schoolwork done today? Of course not.

I spent a few hours cleaning the house and doing laundry and keeping the kids from making a mess.

And I still have a sore leg and am not supposed to lift over 25 lbs.

Ellie was stuck hauling the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs and keeping track of Tori while I worked.

We rewarded the kids by taking them out to Chili's for dinner while the house was being shown.

Now I'm off to walk on the treadmill. (I have to get my one hour of walking in every day so that I don't get a blood clot).

I'm think that I'm going to veg out and watch some movies tonight.

I just wish we could move already!! I really don't enjoy the few months before a move.

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