Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ice Alaska, Trip 1

Yes, it's that time of year again!!

I am actually thankful that it's nice and cold out and we can enjoy the beautiful ice art this month. There are a few perks to living in the Sub-Arctic!!

We made our first trip to Ice Alaska, host of the World Ice Art Championships, today.

It was about negative 3 out, so we couldn't stay as long as we would have liked. We bought a season pass though and we plan on returning a few more times before they close on March 20th.

Tori was turning into a little kidsicle and was ready to warm up.
Everyone was a little chilly, but it didn't stop them from having fun!

Kate's favorite thing in the park is the giant bowl. They climb in and then can't get back out - without help! They just keep sliding to the middle. Dogpile!
There are slides for everyone - little and big. You can even take your sled down the big ones if you want to go even faster! Nick was quite the daredevil and was diving headfirst!

This is actually the top to one of the smaller slides that Ellie is standing on.
And we looked at some of the sculptures in the single block competition. There are many that have not been carved yet. By the end of the month, there will be so much to see!

And here are some pictures of my kidsicles right before we got into the nice warm truck.
Definitely more to come in the next few weeks!!!! I can't wait to see everything lit up at night!!

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Megan said...

Looks like such a great time and your photography is beautiful.