Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate!

Our little Kate is eight. I can hardly believe it!

She was my easiest labor and delivery out of all of the kids. She was a bit late, but when she came it was fast.

I was 10 cm when I showed up at the hospital and she was born in the exam room. The doctor actually didn't even have me push since she was coming out on her own. I coughed a few times (I'm not kidding!) and there she was - all 9 pounds of her.

Katie is such a special little kid. She is energetic, caring, smart, and always so funny. I love watching her grow and change.

We celebrated her birthday early so that we could do it on the weekend. We can never wait until later in the day, so we end up eating cake for breakfast and opening presents right afterward. It's kind of like Christmas morning. :) Are we the only family that does this?? It has become sort of a tradition.

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