Saturday, January 16, 2010


Our house was on the market a total of 5 days when we got our first offer - can you believe that? I wasn't expecting someone to want it so soon.

They didn't offer enough for us to break even, so we have counter-offered and are now waiting to see if they accept it. If it goes through, we'll be out of our house by the end of February.

That means that we will be living in something temporary for 2 months. It's doable, but until I started calling around to various hotels that offer extended stay suites, I didn't realize that they won't allow us to get one room with 5 kids. The thought of having to pay over $3000 a month seems a bit steep to me. We're going to continue looking around and hopefully we'll be able to get into the temporary billeting on post, but I'm not sure that they let you stay for that long.

Things will work out, I know it.


SmallWorld at Home said...

What a beautiful house! I want it!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! It has been a wonderful house and I'm sorry to be moving out of it - especially since we'll probably be on post in a duplex in Savannah.

I wish we could put our house on a trailer and take it with us :)

Christina said...

Stay optimistic! Just cover all bases, research all options and everything will work in your favor. Stress does NOT help. I believe...