Monday, January 4, 2010

Alaskan Sunrise and Sunset

I found this video today on our local newspaper website. This photographer did a beautiful job!! I think it is the neatest thing, because now you can experience what a winter day looks like in Alaska. Pretty short, huh??


Deb said...

That is just wild. I have never really had my mood effected (affected?) by the weather, but wow. I can see it would be struggle to be upbeat with only 3 hours of daylight. It would probably make me want to hibernate. Summer is just as crazy - how on earth do you keep it from seriously messing up your sleep cycles?

Jennifer said...

Honestly, we have been here 3 years now and I still haven't gotten used to it. We are fine in late summer and late winter when it is "normal".

In the summer, no one can fall asleep because it's to light out. In the winter, it's so hard to get motivated to do anything. We all have a very hard time getting up in the morning. I wish that we could hibernate and wake up when everything has thawed out. :)

Andrea said...

This is crazy to see how the sun never comes UP! You are stronger than I am Jen :)