Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tori Update

I took Tori in for her 18 month checkup last Friday. She's up to 29 pounds now. I think she was in the 80th percentile for height and the 90-something for weight.

She's a big kid - but all of my kids are. I'm 5'11", so I don't think they have much of a chance at being petite.

This last growth spurt of hers has allowed her to reach places that I would rather she didn't. Not good!!! I really have to be careful now.

She has really turned into quite the little girl.

Thankfully, she has finally quit making the annoying, screeching noise. She used to do it whenever she wanted something - which was quite often.

And how did I finally get her to quit? Well, I can't take any credit for it. She has started speaking!! Now she doesn't need to make the noise - she can tell us what she wants!! It's so nice to be able to communicate with her.

Here are some of the words she says: Mommy, Daddy, baby, cup, all of the names of her siblings, NO, yes, eat, cracker, car, play, book, sit, chair, pants, diaper, shoes, socks, dog, and she pretty much repeats anything you say to her. Our little parrot. :)

She loves playing with her baby dolls. She feeds them and wraps them in blankets. She pushes them in the baby stroller. She gives them kisses and hugs and dances with them.

She also loves looking at her reflection. I caught her talking to the baby in the oven earlier today:
Life is getting easier. I am no longer pushing around the double stroller. Tori sleeps well and plays all morning long in the play room while we do school work. She is such an easy little kid!!

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