Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Strep it is

So, we went in for Tori's regular checkup on Friday and they noticed that her tonsils were a little swollen. She had also had a runny nose, but no fever or anything. They decided to take a throat culture just in case since there is a lot of gunk going around.

I got a call Monday morning. She tested positive for strep. The nurse was really nice and got us in this morning to check the other kiddos - since it is really contagious and it would be really crummy for all of them to show up with it on Thanksgiving weekend when the doctor's office is closed. Isn't that the way it usually goes??

I actually feel really lucky, because Kate, Lexie, and Nick all turned up positive also and they don't really have any symptoms -(other than some serious crankiness). I'm hopeful that the meds will kick in and get rid of it before they even feel bad. We're still waiting for Ellie's culture, but she had swollen red tonsils, so they gave her medicine too.

We've thrown out all of the toothbrushes and lysoled the house. I have declared tomorrow a day off of school and we will just hang out at home. Hopefully we can nip this thing in the bud!

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