Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Great Week Ahead!!

Can you believe that the weather forecast tomorrow is for a 55-60 degree day?? We don't have snow on the ground yet. The little bit that we got a few weeks ago is long gone. We've been busy raking leaves and preparing the house for winter. I'm thinking that we need to take advantage of this wonderful weather and head out of town for a day or two - especially since Andy is on leave. We'll see...

Here are some pics of the kids which I took yesterday.

Here is Kate on our front porch:Lexie:
She is always being a ham in front of the camera. She can't seem to keep a straight face. :)
But I managed to catch one or two without a tongue hanging out.
Ellie with her favorite furry sweatshirt:
Kate doesn't like having her picture taken very much. I talked her into it.
She decided that she wanted to see what she looked like cross-eyed. Pretty goofy! :)
Lexie is almost always ready to have her picture taken.
Ellie again. I think this jacket will have to be hung in the closet while we're living in Savannah.
She's going to miss it.


SmallWorld at Home said...

When is it that you are moving to Savannah? I forget.

Jennifer said...

Not soon enough! We still have to make it through an entire winter here. We should be leaving here in late April and driving down, but that is always subject to change since the Army can do what it wants. :)

Andrea said...

Great pictures Jen!! I love them and I cannot wait to see you all :)