Monday, September 21, 2009

Done With Week 7

We're finished with another week. I can hardly believe that we are close to the end of our first quarter. We are going to try to keep working a little bit as Andy goes in to work for formations and appointments. We will take some time off when his leave starts!! :)

We studied the Vikings this week (and will continue to study them next week)



Here is Ellie's rough draft for this week's writing assignment:

Monterey Beach

As I walk down the sandy shore, a salty sea air stings my nose. A light morning fog clouds my vision as smooth white sea foam washes my sand covered feet. An orange crab scuttles past me, its feet clicking together like a typewriter, making me laugh. The busy Monday crowd yells and shouts to one another. No time for them to stop and gaze at the beauty of the ocean. As the smell of exhaust fills the air, I sigh and walk back home.

The kids are still zipping through Teaching Textbooks. I am really enjoying not having to grade math assignments. :)

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