Sunday, August 30, 2009

What a Mess!

The kids have had a great time trying out our various new art supplies. It's nice to step away from the plain-old crayons and markers for a while.

We have fallen in love with the watercolor crayons and pencils.

Oil pastels are fun and very vibrant.

Watercolor paint is a joy.

We have found an art medium that I don't enjoy much though - soft pastels.

They work much like chalk. Very dusty. And they smear everywhere. You have to spray the pictures to seal them in a bit. It was quite a mess to clean up when they were done and I wasn't as impressed with the results.

Ellie enjoyed them more than I did. Maybe it's because I'm the one that ended up cleaning the room....

I don't see us using these much - maybe outside?

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