Saturday, August 8, 2009

Trip to the ER

I was hoping that we were going to make it through this entire deployment without a trip to the ER. It almost happened.

Nick was playing in his room today and jumped off of the huge play castle that is in there. Apparently he thinks that he's a superhero of some sort. He landed on his shoulder and immediately started screaming.

Have you ever seen a kid cry so hard that he turns blue and almost passes out?

Nick is my only child that does that - on a regular basis too. If he gets hurt or get mad (like someone grabbing something from him), he often takes in air as he starts to cry and just seems to forget to breathe. I am always running to hold him and make sure that he doesn't pass out and bump his head on something.

I'm actually quite used to it now, as it happens a few times a week. I wonder when he'll outgrow it.

When he was younger, it was absolutely frightening. I was terrified each time it happened. Imagine your 1 yr old turning blue and limp. SCARY.

The girls are even comfortable with it now. They just rush to him, blow in his face and tell him to breathe. :)

Anyway, I brought him upstairs and he just sat there, watching some TV and fell asleep a bit later. He seemed okay - a little sore, but okay.

It was only after he woke up and started moving around that I realized that he couldn't lift his right arm up. He accidentally did it and started screaming again.

So, I packed a bag full of ipods and munchies and we headed to the ER.

Four hours later, we made it home. I knew it would take a while - especially on a Friday night.

The kids were pretty good until the batteries to the ipods died. Then they got overtired and a bit loopy. By the time we made it to the examining room, I felt like I was at a slumber party. Everyone was being goofy and loud - including Nick. I guess it's better than the alternative - cranky and fighting. :)

They x-rayed him and we found out that he fractured his clavicle. He has a little Snoopy sling that I will try to keep on him for the next couple of days. Some Tylenol and Motrin and some rest and he should be fine. The doctor said that he should heal up really quickly and be back to normal within a couple of weeks.

Now, if only I can convince him to sit still long enough for it to heal...

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Christina said...

Oh no! I'm waiting for the day one of ours breaks something. I have a feeling it will be EMILY.