Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Baby is Growing Up

Tori isn't a little baby anymore.

She is a very active toddler that wants to run around and play.

She dances to music and twirls in circles.

Today, I watched her put a baby doll in the play crib and feed it a bottle. It was precious.

And she is now weaned.

I nursed my other kids until about 15-20 months. When I weaned them, it was a deliberate thing. They were only nursing at night and I was really ready for a full night's rest. There was much crying and a couple of very long nights to get it done.

The weird thing is, I wasn't even trying to wean Tori. It just hit me tonight that I haven't nursed her in about 4 days. She doesn't even ask for it. Maybe it's because she has always been a good sleeper. She learned from very young how to fall asleep without me nursing her. She takes a pacifier at night (and none of my other kids would).

Part of me is sad that my baby isn't nursing anymore, but the other part of me is happy that it was so gradual and easy this time around.

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