Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Field Trip to Creamer's Field Migratory Bird Refuge

We took a nice mile-long nature hike at Creamer's Field yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it went.

The trail we took was almost entirely made up of a raised wooden pathway. It was very well kept and easy to walk on. No muddy feet! I think that the trail normally goes over some marshy areas and I'm sure is a mudhole in the spring when the snow is melting. We have had so little rain this summer though and everything was very dry.

Nick did pretty well with the hiking. He is getting so much easier to handle as he gets older. He was walking with his right arm glued to his side (and sometimes had his hand in his pocket). He seems fine until he raises his arm and then he always screams "My arm still hurts!". Poor guy. I'm hoping that it will heal quickly. It sure hasn't slowed him down much!
I'm not sure what is with Nick's pose. What a goofball!
Here is what I believe used to be a pond. It is now an area of dying lily pads.:
We saw many cranes. The Crane Festival is coming up in a couple of weeks.:
And I managed to get them to pose for a picture in the woods.:
Nick was a bit too short to look at the birds which were hanging out in the field. He refused to let anyone pick him up because of his arm though.:

He thought the old tractors which they had parked out front were very cool. He is definitely a boy! Anything with wheels is neat to him. :)


Beth said...

Where is this place? It looks like a fun trip for the kids. I'd love to meet up with you guys sometime. Do you belong to a homeschool group?
I hope Nick's arm is feeling better, I hate it when the kids are hurting and I can't help them any. He seems like such a good sport though, and not slowing down much, even hurt.

Nicki said...

Your Nick looks similar in age to my Nicholas! (He's 3 and 3/4) Alaska looks like a great place for field trips. Here in Texas, the scenery isn't quite the same. I'm enjoying your blog, and thanks for visiting mine!

Nicki said...

Alaska must be a great place for field trips! And your Nick looks about the same age as my Nicholas (he's 3 and 3/4). He's a real boy, too! I'm enjoying your blog, and thanks for visiting mine!

Michelle said...

Umm-that last picture of Nick is TOO CUTE!! Can you send me a copy!! I miss you guys!Love, Michelle
And please tell Nick that I hope his arm feels better!

Jennifer said...

Beth - it is on College Road and Danby. I'm sure that after all of the rain we've had these past few days, that it won't be quite so dry there!!

I do belong to a homeschool group. They are going to be starting up their new year here pretty soon. I am going to a meeting on Tuesday and I will let you know what I find out! It is mostly younger kids, but we meet once a month for a fun themed day and then have a field trip once a month. My kids have enjoyed it :)

Michelle - you can just right click on the picture and hit "save image as" and it will be on your computer :)

I think Nick is healing up really well. I can tell that it isn't hurting him like it was before, and he's able to lift his arm a bit.