Thursday, August 13, 2009

Am I Insane?

I think that I probably am.

Yes, my husband is currently deployed.

Yes, I have 5 children and can barely control them at times. :)

Yes, I am behind on everything that I wanted to get done this week.

Yes, I am sleep-deprived and behind on my Wii Active.

Yes, I allowed my daughter to invite THREE more kids over for a sleepover.

I am crazy.

I really was feeling bad for Ellie though. She doesn't have a whole lot of friends that she hangs out with. She met a girl at camp and another at a sleepover and they all hit it off really well.

Those two girls are public schooled and school starts Monday. Dance and other classes start next week for us too. We will all be super busy in the coming months - especially with Andy coming home soon. I knew that she probably wouldn't get another chance to have a sleepover anytime in the near future.

So, I let her invite 3 girls over - on a "school" night. We'll catch up on schoolwork this weekend.

She has had a friend spend the night plenty of times, but has never had a "slumber party" before and was so excited!!

I was afraid, very afraid....especially with no other adult help.

I wasn't digging the 1:8 adult to child ratio.

They have been having a great time though. They are all very well-mannered (thankfully!) and seem to all be getting along wonderfully.

Pizza, soda, ice cream, Wii games, movies, playing outside, and hanging out in Ellie's bedroom. Honestly, I have barely seen them.

You should have seen the looks I got when I marched all 8 of the kids into Blockbuster and Papa Murphy's. It was priceless. :)

Honestly, the hardest part of the night was that Kate (who is 7) felt totally left out.

I tried to let Ellie have this time alone with her friends, since it's her big night and she rarely has anyone over. I was hoping that Kate would have a "sleepover" with Lexie, and that worked for a while, but she eventually decided that it wasn't as much fun as Ellie was having.

She was pouting the rest of the evening. I'm glad that she finally fell asleep.....

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Tina said...

LOL! 1:8 ratio! They could've revolted. :) It looks like they had a great time & I know what you mean by wanting your kids to have certain experiences. You're not insane. :)