Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sorry, Mr. Mailman

White Rural Mailbox in Field with Overgrown Grass
White Rural Mailbox in Field with Overgrown Grass

The mailman is not going to be very happy with me in the next few weeks.

The funds for next school year are now available through the correspondence school that we use. I spent over $2000 yesterday - can you believe it?? I have another $3000 left, but I'm going to use most of it for lessons/classes throughout the year.

Anyway, I made an order to Teaching Textbooks. A humongous order to Rainbow Resource Center. And another huge order to

The thing is, I was trying to get the best deals, so about 25 of the books that I bought off of Amazon were used. Which means that they are coming separately from various used book dealers.

Which means the mailman is going to be working extra on my account. :)

I can't wait until the boxes start arriving. It's always so exciting to get set up for the new school year!

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