Friday, July 3, 2009

Books Memorized

We have a lot of books - at least a couple thousand. There are bookshelves and piles of books everywhere you turn in our home.

You would think that with such a selection and variety, I would be reading a different stack of books every night. But it's not so.

Not only am I re-reading the same books to Lexie and Nick over and over, but many of them are the same exact books that I read every day to Ellie and Kate.

As a result of all of this repetition, I have quite the library of children's books stored neatly in my head. :) It's nice for those nights when I'm too tired to open my eyes. I can just recite them blindly and turn the pages every so often. Now that Lexie can read really well, that isn't going to work so well anymore. :)

Here are some of our favorites that we have read time and again.

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