Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where will be headed next???

World Map
I am truly an Army wife.

We have been in one spot for a little over 2 years and I'm starting to get the itch. The itch to move.

Andy put in an extension to stay in Alaska until next May and it was approved. We didn't want to end up with orders in January and have to try to move during that time of year.

We have always wanted to drive down the Al-Can on our way back to the lower 48. It will be such a beautiful drive! (And probably a very long one with 5 kids in the car!)

So, now the only question is - where will be driving to??

We finally have an answer or sorts. There are 2 possible scenarios. Either:

1. Andy is on the promotion list this year and we go to El Paso, Texas for a year. While I really want him to get promoted, I have to admit that I have absolutely NO desire to move to El Paso. None. It's right on the border of Mexico and frankly out in the middle of nowhere. I'm in the middle of nowhere right now. We could use a bit of culture and I would love to be able to make some road trips without having to drive for days before reaching anything....
Night, El Paso, Texas
2. If he's not on the promotion list, then we will be headed to Savannah, Georgia next June. Now, that sounds more exciting to me!! I love the architecture and culture in that city. And it is on the coast. Being an island girl, I crave the beach. I've also never been to the East Coast, so I have a lot of traveling I would love to do from there.
Aerial View of Savannah, Georgia
So now, all we have to do is wait until the end of summer to find out which place we'll be headed next year...


SmallWorld at Home said...

Savannah is an awesome city!! You'll go from one extreme to the other climate-wise either way!

Christina said...

Okay, so you've given up the retirement idea.
You would only be a year in El Paso. As an Army wife, you know how fast a year goes. So I'll hope for promotion.
Besides, Savannah?? Southern heat and humidity? Lady, you are from the Pacific NW and you will have spent 2 1/2 years in AK. You thought San Antonio was bad? You'll die before you acclimate. And Georgia is a bigger state than you think. Those would be LONG road trips too. But yea, good ones... Disneyworld... D.C...

heidi said...

Savannah is bee-U-ti-FULL! So it could still be a win-win. El Paso is rich in history...that's my take. Optimism.. ;o) And its good to support him thru whatever happens. There was talk of us moving to Virginia near DC for while but that disappeared...I was glad but I was trying to see it as a fresh perspective...boy did I try to convince myself...just told him I loved him and we'd follow anywhere.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, we've given up on retirement for now. :)

You are a right Heidi- either way is a win-win situation in my opinion. And I'm going to die of heat in both places!! It's been getting up close to 70 degrees here and it feels unbearably hot (especially in the house since we don't have AC!) We are definitely going to have to outfit ourselves with new wardrobes.