Thursday, June 18, 2009

Library Use

I love books. I always have. You would think that I was a constant library patron, but I'm not.

We have a nice library here in Fairbanks, but I just can never seem to have a good trip.

I can never find what I'm looking for in a timely manner. The way everything is laid out is confusing to me. Someone always ends up having a meltdown before I am finished.

The kids are lured to the animals in the kids' section (a bird, fish, and turtles)- which is great, but then they never want to go and actually look at books.

Also, the library is FULL of people using the internet. I honestly think that more people go there to wait in line and use the computers than those that actually get books. I can't imagine having to sit in a library to use a computer. I would definitely not be blogging. :) Anyway, I always feel like it's crowded with the internet patrons.

When we lived in Monterey, I was able to make use of library books for our studies all of the time. I would get online and place holds on what I needed. Then I could run in or else have my husband stop on the way home from work and pick up the big, neat stack of books - ready and waiting for us.

That is not the case here. I know that the library staff probably doesn't have time to be my personal library shopper. I'm not trying to complain about their services. It just ends up being too difficult for me to get in and get what I need, so we rarely go.

I end up buying the books we need for our studies. I wonder how many pounds over our weight limit we're going to be when we make our next move. I'm running out of shelves again and I haven't ordered this year's stuff yet. I suppose I should get rid of some of it to make room...

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