Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Word Up!

During the school year, the kids don't get much of a chance to watch TV. I don't allow it during the day, unless it's a school-related video. We are usually busy in the evenings, and don't have much time for it except for the weekends.

With it being summer break though, the kids have turned it on occasionally and they have found a new show that they absolutely adore. I have to say that I really like it too!

It is called Word Girl and is showed on PBS (one of the 3 channels we get). It is all about this superhero girl from the planet Lexicon and throughout the entire show, she teaches kids new vocabulary. They aren't simple words either. Some examples: devour, vegetarian, diabolical, exasperated, predicament, sweltering.

We have just discovered that there is a Word Girl section on the PBS Kids website also and Lexie is happily exploring it right now. I actually ended up buying the entire first season on iTunes so that she could have it on her ipod. She can now take Word Girl with her wherever she goes. :)

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