Monday, May 25, 2009

Missing School

As much as the kids are enjoying the sun and the new Wii, I think they are missing schoolwork just a bit. When Kate was on her way to bed, she actually asked if she could bring her math workbook with her. I guess a few weeks without math is all she can handle.

On another note, I have bribed her. Maybe not the best tactic, but it does work sometimes.

She totally understands the concept of multiplication and she knows about 1/3 of her times tables by heart. I found towards the end of this school year though, her math assignments were taking her much longer to do. This is because she would sit and add up the larger multiplication problems instead of actually multiplying them. She would get the right answer, but it was taking a while which was frustrating her.

So, back to the bribe.

I decided that summer break would be a great time to just focus on the times tables so that when we start the next grade level, she will have them all memorized and be able to breeze through her work. I have promised her a new game of some sort when she accomplishes this.

I'm interested to see how motivated she gets.

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heidi said...

I'm sending you something...ask and you shall receive.

It may or may not be of interest but we did it and it made a huge difference.