Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Piano Lessons

Lexie has been taking piano lessons for over 2 months now. She initially started them, because we are getting them for free through post, because of Andy's deployment. They would normally be $125 a month and I couldn't pass that up.

She has enjoyed it and learned a lot. She is starting to be able to read some notes and she can easily find any note on the keyboard.

I don't think that I anticipated how much work it would be on my part though. She is only 5 and I need to sit and help her when she has questions. I have to encourage and motivate her to keep going. It's not hard or unpleasant, but it does take a bit of time.

We will definitely keep taking lessons through the summer while they are still free. We will have to decide what to do when fall comes though.

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heidi said...

That's great!! We have a piano. My grandparents old player piano. We tried didn't work. =o( Practice is very important. At least 6x's a week , 15-20 minutes for practice. The finger movement will become more fluid because of the practice. Some days will be hard, but encourage her to push through. Because she is 5 practice might be challenging. We did piano @ 6 and ultimately Hannah was just too young and it didn't work for us. But then we found a new niche for her. Age has helped too.

So Hannah took up choir lessons. LOVED it. Did so well the director gave her more, now she's in Honor Choir. LOVES it. Then enter handchimes. Handchimes helped to cement what little notation reading she knew. Choir director approaches me and says Hannah wants solos but doesn't quite understand give her violin or flute lessons. Hannah is now playing the flute and loving it and practicing 6x's a week, 20 minutes each day. Now Jakub wants to play acoustic guitar, well really electric but he needs to learn basic first. So I'm going for an electric for me. He sees my brother and is in awe of everything that young man does.