Friday, April 17, 2009

Lexie, My Little Model

We spent a few hours at the derby races tonight.

I was glad to be there to watch the kids race, but I didn't need to watch a zillion other kids too. We got a wee bit bored, so I took a whole slew of pictures of Lexie in front of the lockers.

I got some great shots (like 100), but later in the evening I accidentally erased them!! I don't know if I'll get over that. I tried again, but she wasn't into it the second time. The magic moment was gone. I still got a couple of decent shots, but nothing compared to the ones I had earlier. Darn!

Mom, are we DONE yet?????


SmallWorld at Home said...

Love that collage! Did you do that in picnick?

Jennifer said...

Actually, I used Picasa for that one. I have been using that and Picnik. They both have different things that I like. I haven't even attempted Photoshop Elements yet - although I have the book to start reading....