Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our new pet!

Take a moment to welcome our new pet, Chocolate the Moose, to the family!

Ok, of course I'm not serious, but really - who needs a pet when your yard is a moose haven?

Yesterday, I had one hanging out, nibbling on some bushes for a light snack.

Today, two more showed up and decided that it's time for a nap - and apparently my yard is the most comfortable place in the neighborhood.

I had been a little worried, because last spring Andy put a wonderful new fence around part of our yard. This fence blocked off access to the woods behind our house though - essentially keeping the moose from a well-used trail :(

My worries were unfounded though. The fence didn't even slow them down. They hopped over it like it wasn't even there.

The moose ended up hanging out for a couple of hours today. I took a bunch of pictures (from the safety of my deck), but my toes got cold so I came in for a while. Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have been wearing flip-flops when it's 10 degrees out....

So, Ellie bundled up and became the official moose watcher for a while. Here is a video she took:

And look at the tracks that one of them left behind in the snow:
I think that maybe we'll start a family business and charge admission to our deck. Some overpriced hot cocoa, a few snow-free chairs and we'll be set!!


Family G said...

Hey, I would pay admission and even buy overpriced hot cocoa to get to see the meese ;)

How cool is that?!? See, all the adventures, only military families can share...

Andrea said...

They are so funny looking and huge! Great pics and video :)