Friday, February 20, 2009

Where would you be??

Where would you be hiding if you were a vacuum cleaner wand?

I have looked every conceivable place to no avail. In the refrigerator? I looked. Behind the couches? I checked. In the dirty laundry baskets? I searched.

Nick likes to sneak it out of the closet and use it as a sword. My knight in shining armor. :)
Unfortunately, he doesn't put it back when he is done.

Cheerios and goldfish cracker crumbs are piling up around the house. The car is disgusting. I desperately need that piece to the vacuum cleaner!!

I feel like I'm living in an I Spy book. I keep searching around the house in every nook and cranny I find. Maybe it's in pieces - then it could fit into a much smaller spot.

I'm sure that when I find it, it will probably be somewhere very obvious - out in the open.

I just hope that I find it soon!!! Any ideas? Where would you hide?


Anonymous said...

under one of the heating registers
behind the TV cabinet
in the bookcase
in the fireplace
bathroom cabinet
in the corner beneath Ellie's bunk
closet with the vacuum cleaner
play castle
behind art cart
mailbox outside.....


Scribbit said...

I love this--"thinking like a vaccum wand!" :) You'll find it, I can feel it!

Christina said...

That is SO FUNNY. I'm babysitting at a friends house and their wand was laying in th emiddle of the floor. I kept sweeping around it and stepping over it until I caught Viv hitting the other baby with it. So I stuck it behind the playpen. They'll nevre find it.

Jennifer said...

Christina! You are so evil!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I FOUND IT!!!!!I GOT 10 BUCKS!!!!!ellie