Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Using Your Senses" Poetry

Today we used Giant Write Every Day: Daily Writing Prompts by Evan Moore for our journal writing (pg. 94). I couldn't get the girls to quit writing!! I expected them to each write a poem, but they just couldn't help themselves. Kate wrote 5 and Ellie wrote 9 poems using the model from the book.

Here was the model:

Choose an emotion/feeling etc. and describe it with:

Here are some of the examples of their work:

Anger is black
Dark, bitter chocolate
A dragon's breath
As sharp as a dark knight's sword
The yelling of a lady's voice
Anger is a dark cloud. (Kate)

Beauty is red
The taste of a marischino cherry
The smell of lavender
As soft as a cute kitten
The singing of a girl
Beauty is love and kindness. (Kate)

Boredom is white
Rice, Cleaning Fluid, Empty Brain, Mute
Boredom is a blank page. (Ellie)

Jealousy is a bright green
A green sour lime
Lemon juice
A slap to the head
Teeth grinding
Jealousy is a frog in the throat (Ellie)

Hope is a light pink
A pine tree
A held breath
A slow mountain breeze
Hope is a great laurel. (Ellie)

Dreamy is a light purple
Vanilla ice cream
Eternal Sleep
Dreamy is a soft pillow (Ellie)

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Andrea said...

Those are really good! It makes me want to write :)