Sunday, February 8, 2009

Small World's Wordsmithery #3

We've enjoyed yet another week of Small World's Wordsmithery Creative Writing Lessons. What fun they have been! The kids are more than happy to share what they have written in their journals so far.

Here are some examples of their work this week:

Day 1
Pick 3 foods. For each one, write a sentence that describes the food in such a way that it sounds awful:
1. The mushy brown banana slowly glooped off my fork. (Ellie)
2. The chocolate-covered bee stung my mouth as I chewed.(Ellie)
3. The blood-like pomegranate juice seemed to slush around.(Ellie)
4. The mushy greasy mushroom made me throw up. (Kate)

Day 2
Write a mouth watering description of your favorite dessert.
1. Thick, creamy chocolate frosting covers a heavy, heavenly double chocolate chip cake.(Ellie)

Day 3
Write the menu for your ideal meal. Use at least one adjective for each food.
1. Breakfast: Light, fluffy pancakes drizzled in sticky, sweet syrup. Lunch: Fresh turkey sandwiches with juicy orange slices and fizzy root beer. Dinner: Tomatoey spaghetti with sugary lemonade. (Ellie)

Day 4
Write a recipe for crocodile pie.
1. Ingredients: 5 cups diced crocodile, 1 cup cooked cabbage, 1 box jambalaya dough, 1 coconut, 1 stick butter. Chop up coconut and mix with melted butter, croc, and cabbage in a mixer bowl on high, until creamy. Pour mixture into a 9X6X3 pie pan. Put in an oven for one day on 400 degrees. (Ellie)

Our favorite exercise was sentence stretching (changing simple sentences into more descriptive ones).

We started with: The man went to the big city.
And we came up with:
The young fisherman waddled to the big snowy city of Fairbanks.(together)
The handsome gardener skipped to the big city of roses. (Ellie)
Mr. John drove to the fishing place in Fairbanks. (Kate)

We started with: The woman ate lunch.
And came up with:
Jany enthusiastically gobbled down her turkey wrap. (Ellie)
The kind woman ate lunch at Pioneer Park. (Kate)

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