Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rock Collection

We have owned a couple of different rock sample collections over the past few years, but we LOVE the new one we purchased this year.

The other collections were mounted onto the cardboard back and labeled right under them. Of course, little toddler hands ripped them off of the backing, because the rocks needed to be held!

This time around we bought a much larger collection (I believe there are about 70 different rock samples) and they are numbered with stickers. There is a key, which lists what each rock is. In this way, the kids can pick the rocks up and guess what they are. Then they can check the key to see if they are right! This one was worth the investment!


Family G said...

Oh, more rock collectors! I think half of our household good shipment consisted of rocks last time we moved. LOL Well, not quite as much. But I think we had one box full of rocks.

Trinity Mommy said...

Such an awesome rock collection! My daughter loves rocks.. thank you for giving me a wonderful idea to peak her interest even more!