Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Kate's Valentine's Day Art

I wish that I could say we had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We had planned a small tea party for this afternoon. Ellie baked mini heart-shaped cakes for the occasion. She is starting to get very comfortable in the kitchen and I love that!

Last night though, I was hit with a horrible stomach bug. I lost 10 lbs overnight. I think the only other time I have lost that much weight at once is having a baby! I think I'm recovering, but I still have not felt myself all day long. I've been snoozing on and off.

To make matters worse, Ellie threw up this afternoon. She is pale and weak and resting on the couch.

The tea party was a bust. I told the girls that we would postpone it for another day. A healthy day. I am just hoping that no one else ends up getting sick!

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Family G said...

I hope you and Ellie feel better soon and then you'll have the best tea party ever!!! Hugs!