Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Family Virtues Guide: Honesty

Kate's Honesty Page

This week we are focusing on honesty. I thought that this one was going to be cut and dry, but it wasn't.

I haven't had trouble with the kids telling fibs. They know that they aren't supposed to lie.

They did learn some other good lessons this week though, for example:
*Not to exaggerate in order to impress people
*Only make promises that you can honestly keep
*Admit when you make a mistake
*How to be tactful in telling the truth. The truth may need to be told, but sometimes we can be "brutally" honest
*Be true to yourself
*We also talked about false advertising on commercials

Affirmation for this week:
"I am honest. I have integrity. I tell the truth kindly and tactfully. I have no need to impress others or follow the crowd. I do what I know is right."

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