Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heat Wave!

Tori, my little snow bunny :)
As you can see, Lexie was having some color-coordination problems today. But, at least she was having fun!!
Look how close Nick's feet are to the ground. The snow has made the swing very low :)
Kate, my little snow princess.
We are having a heat wave! It's about 20 degrees outside and I think it's getting warmer by the minute. The snow is starting to melt and fall from the trees in clumps.

We bundled everyone up and headed outside to play in the yard. The snow was pristine. Can you believe that it's January and the kids hadn't ventured out to play in the yard since October? Pretty sad, isn't it? They had a blast riding on the sled, swinging on the swingset, building a snow fort, and just playing in the fresh air. They're still out there as I write this. I came in with Tori since she was hungry and tired. She's now peacefully sleeping in my arms. I guess it's time for me to go and make some hot cocoa - with marshmallows of course!


The Ties that Bind Us said...

Just visiting. Your blog is cute! I'm jealous cause we are in FL and we dont get to get bundled up very often.

Beth said...

We are looking forward to playing in the snow next winter. But I am hoping it will not be so bitterly cold.

Andrea said...

It is nice that it is warm enough now that you can actually go out side, or just send the kids out :)