Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Volcano studies with the kids = FUN!!

Working Together.

The final creation.

Mt. Pinkihuma (as named by Ellie)
Helpful Websites:
Virtual Volcanoes. You get to create and erupt your own volcano! This one is so cool!
Volcanoes on Video. The Discovery Channel has a nice variety of different volcano-related videos.
Virtual Supervolcano See what lies beneath Yellowstone National Park.
Here are directions on how to make your own Baking Soda Volcano. These are the instructions we used in making our volcano today.

Here is the video of our eruption. I think she poured in a bit too much vinegar! I only had cake icing dye and not food coloring. Maybe that is why our lava turned out pink instead of red?? The kids still had a BLAST doing it!!

Here are some of the resources we are using during our studies:

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gina said...

Hey , we have that Volcanoes Let's read and find out book- maybe we'll have to do a project like this- it looks like FUN!