Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice!

It's finally here. The day I have been waiting for. No, it's not Christmas - it's the Winter Solstice.

It marks the shortest day in the year. In most other places we have lived, we haven't even paid any attention to the solstice, but in Alaska it's a big deal. :)

Here in Fairbanks, the sun rose at 10:58 and it will set at 2:40. That makes for one very quick day. The darkness has really been getting to me lately. It has completely thrown off my internal clock. Now, day by day, we will get more sunlight until we reach the Summer Solstice (when it barely gets dark!). Talk about the land of extremes! I do better in perpetual sunshine than in this abysmal darkness though.

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Mrs. Edwards said...

It must be hard to get up and crackin' in the morning when it is so dark! Are you staying in Alaska for Christmas? Or do you get to be with family in the lower 48? Whatever the case, blessings to all of you-
Mrs. Edwards